Wear Glasses Nose-Free

Rhinoplasty Recovery Aid

Experience unmatched comfort with our uniquely designed OpticBridge Glasses Holders. Enjoy the best relief while wearing glasses, without any contact with your nose.

Rhinoplasty Glasses Holders

Two Solutions

Discover Our Glasses Holders

Cheek Support

Our patented Cheek Support secures to the bottom of glasses, using your cheeks for support to instantly lift glasses away from the nose.


Clear Strap Support

Our latest Patent Pending design is made of a clear and soft material that can be easily worn around the head or ears, comfortably lifting and sustaining glasses away from the nose.


I needed to use my glasses after nose surgery and I am so glad that I found these! Easy to use and they fit perfect on my prescription glasses.

- Olivia M.

They are surprisingly comfortable and adapt correctly to my glasses and my face. I recommend this for rhinoplasty recovery.

- Valerie T.

This accessory keeps my glasses from resting on my nose—exactly what I was looking for while my nose heals.

- Andrea G.