Instantly Lift Glasses

OpticBridge Glasses Holder are uniquely designed to give you the best experience wearing glasses, without ever touching your nose.

How To Wear

OpticBridge Cheek Support

Clip Cheek Supports to the bottom of glasses

Adjust Supports towards the far edge of glasses and carefully apply

Accommodate according to your vision and comfort

OpticBridge Clear Strap Support

Detach small clear loop and wrap around the bridge of glasses, securing together with the sticky adhesive.

Adjust the strap bead to your head or ear size and comfort evenly on both sides.

Place strap on the forehead with round sticky adhesive centered and facing out.

Wrap around to the back of the head and interlace beads for secure fit. Can also be worn around the ears, using the bead to adjust the fit.

Carefully attach the sticky adhesive with glasses to the centered strap. Ensure glasses float comfortably above the nose, with strap firmly in place.